To ensure safety and optimal performance for both the patient and the user, EMS highly recommends scheduling annual maintenance for your device. This preventive maintenance should be conducted yearly or after 2,000 hours of usage (indicated by a solid orange LED 1 on your device, signaling the need to contact your EMS service provider), whichever occurs first. 

Additionally, in case of persistent malfunctions identified by the user or reported by the device diagnostic, qualified service repair may be necessary to address the issue effectively.




To arrange your device's annual maintenance, please get in touch with our After Sales Service team. Go to contact us in the support page. 

To simplify the annual maintenance process, we offer the following services (can vary per country):

  • Maintenance contract
    • The maintenance contract is a good way to keep your costs under control. Contact your local EMS aftersales service team for details.
  • Loaner device
    • Latest generation device delivered to your practice so you can keep working while we service your device.
  • Collection at your premises
    • Hassle free collection, we take care of it.
  • Repairs
    • Any additional repair on top of the maintenance will be quoted and communicated to you or you can pre-approve a predefined amount to speed up the process.


> The device must be maintained and/or repaired by authorised EMS repair centres only.
> A yearly/2000 hours usage preventive maintenance is required as a means of safety and performance guarantee for both patient and user.
> When returning the device for service, it is recommended to ship the device in its original packaging for optimal protection against damage during transportation. Include the pedal, powder chamber, bottle and cords when sending the device.
> Should any other problems persist that are not listed in the troubleshooting, go to contact and select your location or contact your GBT expert for assistance.
> Repair and maintenance services can vary in each country, please contract us for details.


At EMS, we're dedicated to providing great products and excellent support. When you choose an EMS device, you'll enjoy a hassle-free warranty for peace of mind. Our warranty covers any needed repairs or replacements, supported by our committed team always here to help. 



EMS devices are engineered for continual high performance. If an EMS device is used in the way it's intended, in line with EMS terms and conditions, and you experience a breakdown within the warranty period, it's our responsibility to repair or replace it. Our warranty covers damages caused by faulty manufacturing or material defects.


Our warranty covers devices and accessories, such as handpieces, powder chambers, pedals, cords, hoses, and bottles, for a duration of 1 year. All our repairs use original EMS parts. If we are unable to repair your machine, we’ll replace it for you.

3 Years Extended EMS Warranty

GBT Certified practices benefit from an extended 3-year warranty, which includes an exclusive 2-year extension on top of the standard 1-year warranty for their AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master and AIRFLOW® ONE, specifically covering the console, cords and wireless pedal.

The warranty extension is conditional upon the completion of annual maintenance at the end of each year of ownership and is only valid when EMS original consumables are used. Conditions are valid as of June 1, 2024. Repairs completed during the 3rd year of ownership before June 1, 2024, will not be eligible.

Learn more about GBT Certification!


There are, however, some circumstances in which the EMS warranty does not cover the repair or replacement of a device.

  • The warranty does not cover wear and tear of parts, nor consumables, and accessories such as sealing rings, water filters, powders, water-supplying hoses, as well as instruments and nozzles as a result of normal use. 
  • The warranty is void if the device has been used with non-original EMS powders, instruments (refers to AFPM only) and handpieces.
  • The warranty is void if the device has been opened by an unqualified person. 
  • EMS and the device distributor accept no liability for direct or consequential injury or damage resulting from improper use, arising in particular through non-observance of the instructions for use, or improper preparation and maintenance. 
  • EMS denies responsibility for the safety of the device and declares the warranty void if service or repair is carried out by an unauthorised third party or if non-genuine spare parts are used. 
  • Please note that maintenance services are not covered by the EMS warranty. Regardless of the warranty status of your device, the cost of maintenance services will need to be borne separately.