• Schedule recall frequency according to risk assessment
  • Ask your patient if he or she liked the treatment

GBT strengthens the relationship between clinicians and patients who are motivated to return for future appointments.

Subsequent to GBT treatments clinicians must schedule patient recall frequency.


  • Healthy teeth adults & children every 6 months

  • Orthodontics every 3 months

  • Periodontisis every 3-4 months

  • Pregnancy every 3 months

  • Geriatrics every 3-6 months

When recall frequency is adhered to, AIRFLOW® treatment is often enough to remove biofilm and young calculus. PIEZON® is therefore not required.

Prof Magda Mensi
With Guided Biofilm Therapy, no more patients complain, only smiles.
Prof. Dr. Med. dent. Magda Mensi, University of Brescia, ITALY
Lifestyle couple

Establishing regular appointments is win-win for patients and clinicians alike. For patients it provides long-lasting improvement of health. For clinicians, a successful recall operation increases practice profitability.

Already GBT has a fast growing network of dental professionals and patients. It’s time to shape the future of dental maintenance and oral hygiene – it’s time to join the GBT revolution.