When recall frequency is adhered to, AIRFLOW® treatment is often enough to remove biofilm and young calculus. PIEZON® is therefore sometimes not required.
Establishing regular appointments is win-win for patients and clinicians alike. For patients it provides long-lasting improvement of health. For clinicians, a successful recall operation increases practice profitability.

Already GBT has a fast growing network of dental professionals and patients. It’s time to shape the future of dental maintenance and oral hygiene – it’s time to join the GBT revolution.


  • Healthy teeth adults & children every 6 months
  • Orthodontics every 3 months
  • Periodontisis every 3-4 months
  • Pregnancy every 3 months
  • Geriatrics every 3-6 months
Pro Magda

With Guided Biofilm Therapy, no more patients complain, only smiles.