GBT Testimonials

Dental Practice KU 64, BERLIN

Dr. Stephan Ziegler, dentist and founder of the dental practice KU64 tells us about his success story. With 150 employees on 3000 m2, KU64 offers an exceptional treatment concept, supported by a modern and highly appealing design of the premises and the latest technology, as well as the systematic, predictable solution for dental biofilm management, Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT). In this video Dr. Stephan Ziegler explains the benefits of the highly preventive and minimally invasive GBT concept where simple rubber cups are no longer sufficient.


"Long gone are the days of messy, salty air abrasion polishing for stain removal on our patients. Welcome to a whole new world of safer softer powders and Guided Biofilm Therapy".

faye donald background

Faye Donald, Dental Hygienist, UK

  • “GBT – A product so suited to the maintenance phase of treatment where heavy instrumentation is no longer required and ultrasonic debridement is no longer necessary”
  •  “No other alternative that offers the speed and efficiency that airflow and plus powder offer”
  • “I cannot be convinced that there is a better alternative”
  • “I have to admit I was naive to the extent of its capability and the research that had been devoted to achieving it”
  • “GBT approach has changed my focus point and is but my first and only choice in all treatments” 
  • ”General practice is hard work and I learnt a great deal from hearing how others manage to integrate GBT into general working life”
  • “Educate, educate, educate! GBT and its scope of capabilities”
  •  “GBT –its benefits beyond buffering' of airflow”
  • “I want to scream out "put down your instruments it's time for a chat"!!!
magda mensi background

Prof Magda Mensi, University of Brescia, Italy

  • “With Guided biofilm Therapy, no more patient complains, only smiles”
  • “The real challenge of SRP Ergonomics is now solved with Guided Biofilm Therapy”
  • “GBT makes a lot of ethical money improving the oral and systemic health of our patients!"
  • "An easy approach for several different clinical conditions"
  • "Air Flow as first step of therapy helps  you to make a more precise and conservative calculus removal with PS tip at the end!
  • “Prevention is the best therapy”
tim ives background

Tim Ives, Dental Hygienist & Post Graduate Teacher, UK

Having been a practicing clinician for many years, I can’t believe that I didn’t start using disclosing solution on every patient sooner. I can honestly say that having attended the EMS conference and met so many like-minded people, I have now changed my practice. I disclose every patient using the GC Tri Plaque Gel, which allows me to clearly see and differentiate cariogenic and periodontal pathogens. I can then ensure these are obliterated with the AirFlow Plus Powder prior to using the EMS Piezon Fine Tips. This enables me to be more efficient, effective and above all it is safer and less uncomfortable for the patient. Something that I didn’t account for is the dialogue this treatment engenders with the patient. When they come back, they really want to know and see if they are improving their oral hygiene and if they are getting healthier. In the dental world things don’t change overnight, but any clinician that starts to practice Guided Biofilm Therapy will ensure his patients are getting a first class standard of care and will therefore find his appointment book becomes very busy.. Thank you EMS for giving me this opportunity.

karen davis background

Karen Davis, Registered Dental Hygienist, U.S.

  • “Guided Biofilm Therapy – the most comfortable, efficient and gentle protocol for private practices “
  • “EMS- worldwide leader in dental prophylaxis launches the First World Congress on Guided biofilm therapy through its well defined structure and passion” 
  • “Education focusing on Hands on workshops in order for clinicians to experience the air polishing feel themselves “
  • “GBT is the basis of prevention and minimally invasive therapy “
  • “GBT refers to the intentional removal of biofilm prior to hard deposit removal, thereby, minimizing the need for repeated instrumentation on root surfaces”
  • “Those of us incorporating GBT into practice protocols need to help create a buzz in the dental profession, so that other clinicians are asking what is GBT, what are the benefits, and what have I been missing?”
  • “Develop a GBT Advisory Committee from worldwide leaders/clinicians to advance the promotion of GBT and develop a successful strategy for the Second World Congress of GBT”
  • “GBT is a movement that needs to grow in dentistry”
eva background


  • “Very motivating to hear how to implement GBT under different circumstances and time limitations"
  • “Investigations of positive influence of Air Flow Powder Plus as part of the GBT on caries and PH is very interesting and should be carried on for further conclusions"
  • "With GBT patient’s experience, feel and taste the difference in comfort"
  • “GBT saves the clinicians wrist and reduces treatment time"
  • “Implement revolutionary GBT step by step- don't push your team"
  • "Motivate your team to ask for their patients' feedback"
  • “GBT- the “base" for bleaching, fillings, denture such as inlays, crowns or dental prostheses, implants and orthodontic devices"
nina background

Nina Von De Fenn, Dental Professional, GERMANY

  • “GBT offers exceptional experience from practical stand point”
  • “Individual prophylaxis through GBT Approach”
  • “Practices offer prophylaxis without prevention today” And this we must change!
  • “I am proud to be a game changer…”

Kleathis Manolakis background

Kleathis Manolakis, DDS, Dr. Med. Dent., Greece

  • “GBT is considered safe, minimally invasive, fast, predictable, well accepted by our patients and easily applied by the dental staff with no disadvantages”
  • “GBT- Global game changer allows the 2 classes of dental professionals – the hygienists and dentists to work together with a positive vision”
  • “GBT and its focus on general health aspects reducing massively the overall oral bacterial load - thus reducing health risks”  
Sonja background

Sonja Weber-Matthies, ZMF, Germany

  • “GBT approach confirms all the technologies and innovations of my 25 years of clinical practice”
  • “ Very Interesting !! I´m proud to be an ambassador of the innovation and technology for EMS”
  • “Since EMS is the market leader and the No 1 in prophylaxis , expectations from clinicians are now a reality with GBT”
gianluca garzetti background

Dr. Gianluca Garzetti, Italy

  • “Key word today are mini-invasiveness and no-pain, only with GBT we can achieve them “
  • “In Italy only 20% clinicians do the prophylaxis correctly”


jolene background

Jolene Pinder, Dental Hygienist, UK

  • “GBT meeting encouraged me to use PLUS powder for all my periodontal & Implant maintenance patients”
  • “GBT has scope to focus on Pediatric Dentistry, caries prevention, periodontal & Implant Maintenance, patient compliance and profitability”
  •  “I believe that education and awareness is key to making game changers out of our colleagues”
  • “GBT is the gold standard treatment that we as professionals can provide”
  • “The big problem is convincing clinicians to invest in themselves!!! “
  • “Build best practice through GBT”
annamaria sordillo background

Anna Maria Sordillo, Dentist, Italy

  • “Educating students at Universities is priority “
  • “Focusing on patients – their health and wellbeing: Achieved through GBT”
  • “Guided Biofilm Therapy –A win win situation for both patient and clinician”
brigitte schoeneich background


  • "GBT is a benefit for Patient and DH. The advantage for the DH is to start a treatment with something positive which promotes trust between DH and patient"
  • "GBT helps to treat anxious patient"
  • "I am optimizing the Airflow technology by disclosing"

bastendorf background

Dr. Klaus Dieter Bastendorf, Germany

  • “GBT is a perfect approach for all different clinical prophylaxis conditions”
  • “Only 15-20% of dental offices do prophylaxis the correct way”
  • “Clinicians still use rubber cup & paste, do not disclose biofilm, NO no pain and NO air polishing”
  • “I prefer to earn money with the health of my patients (GBT), than the diseases of my patients!"
Michaela Moravcova background

Michaela Moravcová, Dental Hygienist, Czech Republic

  • “I use in my practice GBT concept every day”
  • “I can confirm, that my patients noticed a positive change in the treatment procedure”
  • “I discuss with my patients not only their oral health but also their overall health, psyche and Air Flow Powders“
  • “After 9 months of regular usage of GBT on different types of patients I can confirm, that the benefits are not just for my clients, but for me as well”
  • “GBT does not hurt my hands and I'm not tired, because of hand instruments application limited to the minimum”
  • “GBT shortens overall treatment time, giving me more time for motivation, briefing and discussion about patient’s health and prevention”
filip gloza background

Filip Gloza, Sales & Marketing Manager W&H Nordic AB, Sweden

  • “We have the technique, we have the powder, and we have the experience - now we need to get out to the mass with the message GBT”
  • “Interesting and it’s getting more and more interesting”

julieete revves

Julliete Reeves, Dental Hygienist, UK

“For the first time I realised that disclosing the patient is not just about showing the patient where the biofilm remains after their tooth brushing, but it is also a critical part of effective biofilm removal for us as the clinician”

Sally Simpson

Sally Simpson, Dental Therapist and Hygienist, UK

  • “GBT- disclose the biofilm, Air Flow and then remove calculus” as simple as that.
  • “GBT - It invigorated my passion and drive as a clinician and also improved my knowledge and understanding of gold standard practice”
Stephanie Sadfi background

Stephanie Sadfi, Dental Hygienist, Switzerland

  • “GBT- we believe in only the best for you - Preserve your teeth”
  • “A good soft tissue diagnosis as in GBT improves the overall quality of treatment”
  • “SUISSE dental hygienist love the cleanic prophy paste with the white rubber cup & manual instruments as they are unaware of the damage it does“

Karisik background

Jasmina Karisik, Doctor of Dental Medicine, Slovenia

  • “Guided Biofilm Therapy- finally to replace the traditional way of thinking that endodontics is the savior”
viera panakova background

Viera Panáková, Dental Hygienist, Slovakia

  • “GBT –why use only in prevention, I use it for all patients”
Leigh Hunter background

Leigh Hunter, Dental Therapist, UK

  • “Use of Air flow with GBT approach for minimally invasive periodontal therapy, supportive implant therapy and supportive periodontal therapy as well as prophylaxis for all age groups”
  • “GBT meeting reiterated my own feeling for extending the use of Air Flow for soft tissue debridement and more routine use of disclosing solution”