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As market leaders in Professional Prophylaxis and Prevention and a pioneer in modern biofilm management, we are dedicated to being at the forefront of science and innovation. Prevention is our vision for the dentist of tomorrow where non-surgical treatments and minimal invasive therapies are the main approach.
Working in close collaboration with leading clinics, universities, research institutes and opinion leaders we are continuing to pursue a leading role in research and scientific evidence. We have made it our priority to deliver clinicians with the latest scientific evidence and the most advanced technology to attain our ultimate goal of prevention with the Guided Biofilm Therapy.
- Morris Bühner, EMS

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2018 Gregor Petersilka et al.

Evaluation of an ex vivo porcine model to investigate the effect of low abrasive airpolishing

An animal model using pig jaws may be used as a preliminary model to analyze histological effects of periodontal instrumentation in advance of studies performed in human tissues. Among the techniques assessed, low abrasive airpolishing (LAA) caused the smallest tissue damage.

Gregor Petersilka, Ralph Heckel, Raphael Koch, Benjamin Ehmke, Nicole Arweiler Clinical Oral Investigations
2014 Barnes CM et al.

An in vitro comparison of the effects of various air polishing powders on enamel and selected esthetic restorative materials

Based on the results of this study, the air polishing powders that are compatible with use on hybrid composite and glass ionomer cements are EMS glycine and EMS sodium bicarbonate. The air polishing powders that are compatible for use on enamel include EMS glycine, Dentsply sodium bicarbonate, and EMS sodium bicarbonate.

Barnes CM, Covey D, Watanabe H, Simetich B, Schulte JR, Chen H. The Journal of Clinical Dentistry; 25(4):76-87

AIRFLOW® cleans tongue and palate

The “full mouth” application of AIRFLOW® on tongue and palate has been already proven to be safe since 2012, but so far, cleaning effectiveness had not been specifically demonstrated on tongue, palate and mucosa.


Orthodontics with the Guided Biofilm Therapy


Guided Biofilm Therapy


AIRFLOW® PERIO on natural teeth and implants

2013 E. Hashino et al.

Erythritol alters microstructure and metabolomic profiles of biofilm composed of Streptococcus gordonii and Porphyromonas gingivalis

To evaluate the efficacy of sugar alcohols for inhibiting periodontopathic biofilm formation using a heterotypic biofilm model composed of an oral inhabitant Streptococcus gordinii and a peridontal pathogen porphyromonas gingivalis.

E. Hashino, M. Kuboniwa, S.A. Alghamdi, M. Yamaguchi, R. Yamamoto, H. Cho, A. Amano Molecular Oral Microbiology 435-451
2017 L. Drago et al.

Erythritol/chlorhexidine combination reduces microbial biofilm and prevents its formation on titanium surfaces in vitro

Erythritol/chlorhexidine, an air polishing powder due to its antimicrobial and antibiofilm properties represent a promising approach for prevention and treatment of peri-implant diseases.

L. Drago, M. Bortolin, S. Taschieri, E. De Vecchi, S. Agrappi, M. Del Fabbro, L. Francetti, R. Mattina Journal of Oral Pathology & Medicine; 46(8):625-631
2017 CS. Tastepe et al.

Parameters that improve cleaning efficiency of subgingival air polishing on titanium implant surfaces. An in-vitro study

For the most effective clinical use of air polishing, it should be applied with high pressure, deep insertion of nozzle, and enough water flow. Additionally, the nozzle has to be moved to get the best cleaning effect.

CS. Tastepe, X. Lin, M. Donnet, D. Wismeijer, Y. Liu Journal of Periodontology; 88(4):407-414

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