instrument PS with NOPAIN

One instrument
for 95% of all cases

  • The PS (Perio Slim) Instrument is slim and smooth like a probe. It is gum-friendly, minimally invasive, maximally preventive, and preserves the epithelium thanks to its remarkably linear movements.
  • By using only one instrument to do 95% of the work, things will be easier. For the 5% that remain we recommend our new curved PSL and PSR (Perio Slim Left and Right) Instruments. The PS Instrument gives the clinician good haptics and a secure feeling while working subgingivally.
  • The treatment with the PS instrument is NO PAIN if used correctly. A NO PAIN and pleasant treatment is the dream of every patient and is the key to patient loyalty and satisfaction.
  • The cost of a PS instrument being only a few cents per treatment and per patient, it makes absolutely no sense to buy copies or so-called “compatible” tips.
  • The Trilogy: PS Instrument, PIEZON® Handpiece, and PIEZON® NO PAIN electronic module was designed to work together and to vibrate in harmony.
  • The PS Instrument is Swiss Made. More than 150 000 hours have already been spent on technical tests and clinical trials resulting in 17 publications, guaranteeing safety, efficiency, and comfort in various situations.
EMS Perio Slim (PS) had the best interproximal and subgingival access.
Clinical Research Associates Newsletter, USA



  • Primary and permanent teeth
  • Best interproximal access1
  • Crowded teeth
  • Exposed dentine


  • Sulcular deposits
  • Preserves the epithelium
  • Pockets up to 10mm


  • Around orthodontic brackets

Originals and Copies

warning sign 1 x 1

The EMS Instrument, the Handpiece and the NO PAIN electronic module have to vibrate in harmony like in a trilogy. Using so-called “compatible” and copy tips from third parties can damage your patients’ teeth as well as EMS handpieces. They were developed and made for each other by EMS. One PS Instrument is designed for up to 500 treatments, thus reducing the cost of one treatment to only a few cents. Therefore, there is absolutely no reason to "save" money by using so-called "compatible" tips. Moreover, if the Piezon Handpiece gets damaged (the thread) it will lose its warranty so at the end of the day, “compatible” tips will always cost you more.