03 Motivate

It is a constant challenge for clinicians to keep patients motivated. However, long-term successful professional prophylaxis is only possible if patients co-operate.
Educate patients:

  • Emphasize why prevention is important  
  • Stress the importance of regularly brushing and flossing between appointments at home
  • Recommend Philips Sonicare toothbrushes and interdental brushes or AIRFLOSS Ultra

GBT 03 expose biofilm

Show patient exposed biofilm for patient motivation and Oral Hygiene Instruction (OHI).

Key fact

According to the European Federation of Periodontology,  the key to preserving natural teeth and implants for longer is through a combination of professional care and good oral care practices at home to manage biofilm.


Thanks to a new partnership with Philips Home Care, EMS can now complement GBT with the perfect at-home solution.

The Philips Home Care range offers patients superior cleaning action due to its high-frequency speeds and minimally invasive efficiency.

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Michaela Moravcova
GBT shortens overall treatment time, giving me more time for motivation, briefing and discussion about patient’s health and prevention.
Michaela Moravcová, Dental Hygienist, CZECH REPUBLIC