After using AIRFLOW®, remove remaining supra and subgingival calculus with the PIEZON® NO PAIN* ps instrument


Clinicians who were initially used to the exclusive use of hand instruments and discover GBT and EMS Piezon scaling in particular, are amazed by the fact that few instruments are needed to cover most clinical cases.

In fact, the Perio Slim (PS) instruments cover approximately 95% of all clinical applications, although in some cases specific instrument geometries can be preferred for a better accessibility or to increase efficiency on specific clinical conditions.

GBT applications with piezon®:

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  • PIEZON® with NO-PAIN technology and its dynamic response feature with linear movements provides a quick treatment assured with precision, safety and unmatched comfort.
  • PIEZON® with the PS instrument can be used to remove calculus in 95% of all cases from supra and subgingival areas up to 10mm.
  • PIEZON® with correct adaptation, angulation and movement of the PS instrument combined with recommended power and water results in the most efficient and painless treatment, avoiding over instrumentation and root sensitivity in a minimally invasive way.
  • PIEZON® with the PI instrument is effective to remove calculus around implants, aesthetic and prosthetic restorations without causing any change on the tooth/implant surface.
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  • PIEZON® with PI instrument effectively removes biofilm and calculus around implant abutments, threads, restorations and crowns.
  • The PI tip preserves peri-implant surfaces and soft tissues without damaging crowns and restorations.
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  • PIEZON® with the PS tip is the state of art technology to remove hard calculus from sub- and supragingival areas in a minimally invasive way.
  • It contributes to the reduction of bleeding on probing, periodontal probing depth and the pocket closure.
  • The PIEZON® PS tip is used for the non-surgical treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis.
  • It is effective in removing subgingival calculus from deep residual pockets and sulcus.
  • The PIEZON® PS tip is NO PAIN making it ideal for Supportive Periodontal therapy (SPT).
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EMS Perio Slim Instrument had the best interproximal and subgingival access.
CRA Clinical Research Associates, AMERICA