PSL/PSR Instruments

PSL/PSR Instruments

The PSR and PSL Instruments are recommended for calculus removal supra- and subgingivally up to 8mm. They access difficult-to-reach distal and mesial interproximal surfaces with superior efficacy and comfort.


The linear movement of the PSR and PSL Instruments is minimally invasive, contributing to the patient’s comfort.

“The PSR & PSL Instruments were a delight to work with. I removed calculus from furcations and from distal of upper molars that I had previously left behind.
I didn’t need to twist into uncomfortable positions in order to get good access, which meant less stretching and pulling of the patients tissues and less strain on my wrists and my neck. 
Because access was easier, it felt less invasive for the patient which complimented my minimally invasive approach.”
Faye Donald, awarded best UK Hygienist 2014 and 2017


The PSR & PSL Instruments have superior efficacy in heavy calculus removal compared to the PS Instrument. They are time saving, especially during initial periodontal therapy and are indicated for adult patients. With this versatile innovation, the use of A and P Instruments is no longer required.


Like the PS Instrument, the PSR and PSL Instruments are smooth and as thin as a periodontal probe. Left and right angulations provide complete accessibility to all tooth surfaces, including furcations with optimal ergonomics. The patented* design of PSR and PSL Instruments provides a unique combination of efficiency and movement linearity. The instruments are SWISS MADE:  designed, produced, and tested in Switzerland. * Patent pending.