EMS partnered with Quintessence Publishing to create an exclusive 3D animated movie which successfully conveys the essentials of cell-to-cell communication, visualizing the invisible yet fascinating world of signals and signaling within the human body.

The new 3D movie Peri-implantitis and its Prevention, the sixth episode of the cutting edge HD video animation series on Cell-to-Cell Communication describes the processes from peri-implant health to mucositis, the transition from peri-implant mucositis to peri-implantitis and finally healing and prevention by visualizing the highly complex intercellular interactions and signaling pathways. Special attention is given on the situation around the healthy, functional dental implant, the aggregation of bacteria on the dental implant surface and the biofilm in the niches.


What are peri-implant diseases and how can we prevent and manage them?

The answer is Guided Biofilm Therapy. Biofilm needs to be managed and removed regularly, as it is the primary factor behind peri-implant diseases. Unregulated biofilm growth leads to a loss of bone support around implants and carries a high risk of implant loss


Effective prevention and management of peri-implant diseases can be achieved with Guided Biofilm TherapyDuring the maintenance phase, use of AIRFLOW® technology with erythritol powder PLUS removes biofilm supra gingivally from the prosthesis and sub gingivally around the peri-implant sulcus. In patients with Peri mucositis, use of AIRFLOW® therapy with erythritol powder PLUS can prevent the disease from progressing into peri implantitis. In patients with deeper probing depths (more than 4mm) or with peri implantitis, use of the PERIOFLOW® nozzle with Erythritol based powder PLUS removes biofilm efficiently from the implant threads. PERIOFLOW® technology not only decontaminates but also preserves the integrity of the implant surface.

Interviews from the premiere:


“The film premiere was really bombastic, knowledge transfer with excellent animations.”,
Prof. Søren Jepsen.

“It’s such an example of communication, where you have access to reach out to the broad community of dentistry… [T]he perfect tool where people working … in practice can [take advantage of] science being communicated in a very accessible manner…”,
Prof. Tord Berglundh, Gothenburg.

“[T]he holobionts concept is one in which the human being lives with its own bacteria.  We are more bacteria than we are human cells… so we live in a symbiosis.  [T]he host cells (human cells) live with the bacteria cells in harmony and that’s what keeps us healthy.  Where things go wrong, is where the symbiosis changes and if we allow, in the mouth, plaque bacteria to accumulate then sometimes the destructive bacteria emerge within that biofilm … and we end up producing damage to our own tissues.”,
Prof. Iain Chapple.

”Our brain thinks in three dimensions and the film enables us to understand images on different levels… [We get the practitioner’s eye, clinician’s understanding and the biology of the healing process].”,
Prof. Bernd Stadlinger, Zurich.

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Peri-implantitis and it's prevention

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Watch and listen to worldwide renowned clinicians, discover the latest techniques and therapies on how to prevent and manage peri-implant diseases and receive CE credits.