GBT & Good Friends:
One Day Dentistry

Patients' Time is Precious. Treatment Success is Critical.

While your patients wait, implement the GBT protocol.

It's not just about time and cost efficiency; it also enhances the prognosis of successful treatments and provides a delightful experience for your patients.


GBT stands for Guided Biofilm Therapy, a treatment that quickly and comfortably removes biofilm in the mouth, alleviating inflammation and preventing oral diseases.

When performed before and after other dental treatments, it can enhance the effectiveness of these treatments and maintain the results for a longer period.

One Day: Prosthetics & GBT

If you're offering digital prosthetics, don't just make your patients wait while their prostheses are being made. Using GBT before and after prosthetic treatments can enhance bonding strength, prevent additional caries, and maintain restorations more securely.

Incorporate oral health education with GBT and ensure biofilm is thoroughly removed. Patients experiencing One Day Dentistry, where everything from maintenance to treatment is completed in one day, will leave feeling refreshed and more likely to schedule their next recall appointment.

Become a dental practice that not only offers differentiated prosthetic treatments but also secures long-term oral health for your patients in one go.


6 Steps Finishing Restorative & Prophylaxis in 45 min.

The oral area

1. Tooth Preparation

The tooth in the treatment area is prepared for the procedure.

보철물 생성

2. Scan & Milling

The oral area is scanned with an oral scanner, and the prosthesis is crafted using a milling machine.

레진 수복 전

3. GBT Implementation

While the milling machine is creating the prosthesis, perform the GBT protocol on the patient.

보철물 부착

4. Prosthesis Attachment

The prosthesis is attached to the tooth cleaned through GBT.

GBT Live Demo

In the USA and Canada, the GBT demo is only available online, unless agreed otherwise with the GBT Expert.


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