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Elin Anthonisen (Norway)
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We have a family specialist dental practice. I had already owned an EMS device before I decided to implement the GBT protocol in my practice. I asked my contact at EMS for promotional material for our website – that was the point where she introduced me to the GBT world. I was into it right away! I am so happy that I finally adopted the protocol as it changed the way of treating my patients. Implementing it was not a big challenge: I always wanted to have the latest equipment, so that I told my partner that I wouldn’t work in our clinic if we didn’t get the new GBT machine.

Practice Team

My team sees GBT as very positive for the patients and the clinic. I often have to talk to new patients to explain to them what GBT is and I get referrals every day. We want treatments of any kind to be successful in a long term, so that we need a good level of oral hygiene. GBT gives us the base for thinking forward.


Our patients are so pleased and happy about the GBT treatment. I always show a small introduction video explaining GBT on my dental unit screen so that my patients can follow the steps of the treatment. They experience it as something very exclusive and innovative and they are amazed by the great equipment. Thanks to our website, patients can see that hygiene and cleanliness play a major role in our practice.

GBT will make your patients smile wider.


When I opened up my new clinic, I was full of energy and I wanted to do something special for our patients. The exclusive education programs I have access to and the training make it easy to keep a high level. I think GBT is fun. It motivates me and I am proud to be a part of the worldwide GBT family.

I am so happy that I finally adopted the protocol as it changed the way of treating my patients.

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