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Dr. Ana Carla Robatto (Brazil)
Dr Ana Carla Robatto

GBT Story

After 20 years of experience in pediatric dentistry, I teamed up in 2019 with an orthodontist to offer a broader pediatric dental treatment, but without affecting the rewards of a preventive interceptive pediatric dental approach. We founded EFIKA Digital Dentistry - the word EFIKA stands for “effective” in Esperanto. EFIKA was created to offer cuttingedge technology in treatment, adding value and making the patient experience pleasant and positive. In 2019, I discovered Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) through an international dental hygienist on Instagram and I fell in love with it. GBT is a philosophy that represents me. It’s not just equipment - it is a new, different way of treating, which encourages patients to take care of their oral health.

Being the first GBT clinician in the Brazil market adopting this new technology was a bit scary, but it really paid off! My daily work changed a lot. Today I am no longer just a pediatric dentist. I have become a general practitioner. Parents who used to come to the clinic to accompany their children started asking
to be treated with GBT. I now have loyal adult patients who regularly come for their recall and care for their oral health. Especially adults quickly understand the difference between GBT and the traditional methods of professional teeth cleaning.

Practice Team

My practice team loves GBT! When you’re watching my assistant doing the GBT treatment, you see the interaction between patient and clinician, the stains being removed and finally the big smile on the patient’s face - this is magical! Goodbye to abrasive polishing pastes and exhaustive filling of brushes.

The excellent ergonomics make work easier and more pleasant for my practice team.


They love it and recommend it to family and friends. It is important to mention that step 3 of the protocol provides the patient with understanding to become responsible for their oral health and understand how to proceed with daily home care. GBT makes the dentist not responsible for the patient’s oral health, but co-responsible. I say to the patient now: “I help you, but you take care of yourself!”. GBT is patient empowerment in relation to their oral health.

Efika Practice team


Certification is what supports the clinic’s credibility towards the patient. It is understood by the patient as a process that the clinic complies with criteria in terms of training, qualification, and continuous education. This makes the clinic reputable and highly credible.

Adopt GBT! It really is another world! In addition to patient satisfaction, it pays for itself.

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