AEEDC 2020

AEEDC Dubai 2020:

A new milestone for GBT in the region

Once again, EMS participates in the world-renowned AEEDC Dubai, this time presented by a new and highly motivated team to promote GBT: the minimally-invasive and NO PAIN treatment in preventive dentistry today.

Dental professionals from all over the world gathered, from dental associations and universities, to discuss the future of dentistry in the Middle East. The Swiss Dental Academy (SDA) was also present with numerous speakers and trainers from around the region. A great emphasis was placed on medical education, clinical practice and hands-on at the open seminars.

A fully-operational dental chair was installed at the EMS booth in an effort to provide prophylaxis treatments to participants and bystanders. Professionals who received the GBT treatment were very satisfied, many describing it as ‘a dental spa’ experience. Needless to say, the booth was quite busy during the 3 days of congress.

The congress witnessed a large increase in the number of visitors this year: around 60 thousand participants flocked to the UAE metropolis, a 20% growth versus the previous year. it is worth mentioning that a lot of international guests joined; from Pakistan to Eastern Europe, from Central Asia to North Africa.