Guided Biofilm Therapy Merry Christmas Paolo


With 2018 almost behind us, our organization is already projected into 2019 and beyond. Our achievements continue to move us forward, with great speed, as we provide better, minimally invasive solutions to users and patients worldwide. Our GBT protocol is gaining traction. Step by step, EMS continues on its noble mission while increasing innovating across the board. All of the aforementioned has only been attainable thanks to you: our supporters, our believers and our pillars.


Where we are today is only the beginning of what will be a surprising and exciting journey. We are starting to capture opportunities in fast developing markets and our plan is to seize these opportunities, not tomorrow, but now. One of our strategic pillars for 2019 is PEOPLE FIRST! People are what make an organization move and we will strive to bring you, our people, the best in dental and prophylaxis.


Thank you for your commitment, your passion and your drive. I look forward to another great year at EMS and would like to wish you and your families a happy holiday season.


Paolo Zanetti, General Manager, EMS