ISDH booth 1

The ISDH also presented their Social Responsibility program with initiatives such as LEAD that aims to bring innovation through Leadership, Empowerment, Advancement and Diversity. The program represents a big step forward in the effort to educate worldwide communities on proper oral hygiene standards and how to prevent oral pathologies.

ISDH booth 2

Australian wildlife was also on display during the show with animals roaming freely throughout the exhibition floor where participants could get up and close with them, take photos and pet some of the most exotic species available. 

ISDH mensi 1

With speakers like Prof. Magda Mensi, Dr. Neha Dixit and Dr. Dagmar Slot, the voice of modern day prevention was certainly heard. With an emphasis on non-surgical therapy and minimally-invasive treatments, the stage was set for an interesting discussion on Supportive Periodontal Therapies (SPTs), implant maintenance, the clinical reality of residual pockets and much more.

Some important decision were also made by the board of directors from the International Federation of Dental Hygienists (IFDH). Some of the key decisions were, but not limited to, the following:

  • A new board of directors was voted in
  • Goals for the organization beyond 2019 were set
  • A new mission statement and vision was communicated
  • update on the ISDH Ireland 2022 in Dublin
  • Presentation of key bids for the ISDH 2026 – Milan, Italy, chosen as the venue