Airflow prophylaxis master good design award


Good Design®, one of the most important Design Prizes in the world from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design was awarded to EMS in 2018 for its outstanding design of the AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master.

This high-tech design masterpiece from Switzerland was created for professional teeth cleaning with GBT (Guided Biofilm Therapy®) to eliminate harmful oral biofilm and is already the talk of the town in modern dental practices. With the focus of GBT being prevention and prophylaxis, treatments with this unit are very much appreciated by patients and dental professionals because of the ease, the speed, the very high elimination rate of biofilm and the pain free sensation. 

GBT is on its way to become the Gold Standard for initial therapy and for maintenance including the treatment of gingivitis, periodontitis, peri-implant mucositis, peri-implantitis and for caries prophylaxis.

The Swiss Dental Academy (SDA) regularly offers courses on GBT in all countries of Europe. Please call your local EMS representative.

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