EMS in the UAE

EMS presents: ALHAYAT

Please describe the organization of your group – which branches of dentistry/medicine do you focus on? How many employees? What is the history of your company? 

Mr. Mueen Abu Eida: ALHAYAT PHARMACESUTICALS was established in 1982 with its Medical, Dental, Medical Laboratories and Pharmaceutical departments. We a total staff of 225 Employees.

The dental department is considered as one of the best in UAE in terms of quality and service, thanks to a great sales team which is composed of 24 salesmen, from dentists to dental technicians, supported by 14 service engineers.

After this great success in UAE, we decided to open our Subsidiary under the name of “MASAR MEDICAL”, with branches over the GCC, in the UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

What challenges do you face in your country? How have you overcome them?

Mr. Mueen Abu Eida: We’ve had several issues since we’ve decided to promote the highest quality brands in our area, namely EMS. Some of these issues relate to cheaper brands trying to compete with EMS from a price standpoint rather than a unique value proposition. Nevertheless, those customers who use these brands sooner or later find out that it is more expensive to buy a cheap & unreliable brand than buying a high end product with higher prices & quality that serves them for years. In addition, we have faced some cases of fake instruments and powders claiming to be similar to EMS materials. We’ve beat such obstacles by keeping our customers well-educated, updating them with the latest evidence-based studies from EMS - Sometimes a simple calculation solves the issue.

Is there any innovative promotion/ marketing activity related to EMS products in the past year that you were really happy with?

Mr. Mueen Abu Eida: We, at  ALHAYAT Pharmaceuticals, believe in selling a concept rather than selling a product. We believe that we are partners in developing this great country by educating the dentists in our region about the latest innovations and technologies in the field of dentistry. We have a dedicated Marketing and Continuous Education department that organizes numerous, year-round educational events. We participate in all the major conferences in our region, in addition to supporting our KOLs and hygienists, GPs and Periodontists, executing successful lectures and HANDS-ONs training as a result of these successful cooperations. ALHAYAT PHARMACEUTICALS is also proud to be the sponsor and the first supporter of the establishment and forming of the EDHC (Emirates Dental Hygienist's Club) that was founded by Victoria Wilson in Dubai in 2015 as the first dental hygienists body in the Gulf region.

How do you see the Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) in your country? How do you use it in your country and how is this concept supporting your daily business? 

Mr. Mueen Abu Eida: We share the vision of EMS regarding GBT, considering it a main game-changer in the field of oral Hygiene and Prophylaxis, that might change the standard of care in scaling and Airflow that was dominated for the past 50 years by curettes. And since we live in a country like the UAE, that always thrives to apply the latest technologies in different fields of healthcare, our customers are expecting us to always provide them with the latest and most updated technologies in the field.

Tell us your opinion about the Swiss Dental Academy?

Mr. Mueen Abu Eida: You know that when you hear the word "Swiss-made" the first thing that comes to mind is “High Quality”, made with the utmost precision. So combining that kind of sophistication with Education will certainly result in a very effective educational body with the Swiss Dental Academy. It is a great idea for customers to travel overseas to see how advanced the oral hygiene standards in Switzerland are, in an effort to try and copy them in their respective practices. 

How do you see the future of dentistry in your country over the next 3-5 years?

Mr. Mueen Abu Eida: Digital, Painless & SAME-DAY dentistry are the future. Actually, we are already living the future. We live in a fast paced civilization implementing Digital Dentistry in new clinics every day. The Digital work flow has become the standard of care in many clinics and we believe that in the very near future digital dentistry will overwhelm the market. Painless dentistry is a concept we market and work hard to develop at ALHAYAT PHARMACEUTICALS. We believe that the awareness of the importance of dental prophylaxis, and the idea of preventing the high-cost treatments is increasing. Dental Hygienists and therapists will soon become the standard in every clinic and a main player in this field.