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On the 29th of April, at the W hotel in Amman and with the presence of 24 delegates from some of the leading dental companies in the world, EMS opened its new office in the Middle East. There was the active participation from EMS’s top management who came from Nyon to join the inauguration with Mr. Paolo Zanetti, the General Manager.

The morning session displayed EMS’s drive and determination to continue to provide evidence-based and clinically-proven solutions. An example of this was the Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT), a true revolution in terms of how we manage biofilm today. What makes the GBT protocol unique is these 3 crucial concepts:

  • We disclose biofilm
  • We start with the AIRFLOW and PLUS powder first
  • We decrease the use of hand instrumentation & ultrasonic power on the tooth

All this combines to provide a higher standard of preventive care, more patient comfort and less tooth abrasion as manual instrumentation can be damaging to the crystal prisms of the enamel and  the surfaces of the dentine. 

At the same time, EMS revealed its plan to invest more in the area in an effort to better support its partners, dentists and dental hygienists. EMS will also be expanding the number of GBT & SDA courses in the area and collaborating more closely with universities.

The IMEA team will be opening an accredited affiliate for the Swiss Dental Academy in Amman, where EMS will be hosting a number of professional training courses.

The inauguration represents an important step forward for EMS in the Middle East. Under the leadership of Mr. Al Assali, EMS will establish a new vision for customer care, improve quality of courses and above all, share the EMS “I FEEL GOOD" culture.