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EMS presents: {Shinhung}

Please describe the organization of your group – which branches of dentistry/medicine do you focus on? How many employees? What is the history of your company?

Mr. Hyunjoong Byun: Founded in 1955, Shinhung is now an industry leader in Korea with over 400 employees. We initially started with dental X-rays, and have since expanded our product portfolio with essential products for dentistry including unit chairs, gold, implants and sterilizers. On the top of that, we offer a total solution for dental clinics by supplying digital panorama CT, insurance software, furniture and so on.

What challenges do you face in your country? How have you overcome them?

Mr. Hyunjoong Byun: A number of local implant companies are expanding the product portfolio by compromising the profit margins and creating a severe price war. Shinhung has developed its own digital marketing platform called Dental Vitamin that interconnects online and offline sales activities. An enormous amount of resources have been invested, currently having over 20,000 subscribers. Dental Vitamin sends out regular email blasts to all customers to deliver news, new launches, and promotions.

korea Shinhung building

How do you see the Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) in your country? How do you use it in your country and how is this concept supporting your daily business?

Mr. Hyunjoong Byun: GBT is a well-designed program for dental professionals. Shinhung elaborates the GBT concept and many clinical cases with the product presentation. It is creating a new phenomenon where patients, once motivated, agree to pay an extra for regular maintenance. In particular, the 2nd step, disclosing, plays a key role. To attract more customers, we implement marketing activities through social networks and also train the sales organization to focus on GBT.

Tell us your thoughts on the Swiss Dental Academy?

Mr. Hyunjoong Byun: SDA is a customer-oriented education based on the proper application of AIRFLOW and Piezon. The majority of clinicians still need to fully understand the latest theory and the modern approach in biofilm management and calculus removal. SDA provides them with accurate information as well as clear benefits for patients and practitioners.

On our side, SDA generates leads for Shinhung and attracts people to dental clinics.

korea Shinhung office

How do you see the future of dentistry in your country over the next 3-5 years?

Mr. Hyunjoong Byun: Korean dentistry focuses on profitable treatment i.e. implants and orthodontics. However, the market erosion has never been as severe as it is today, with little profit to be made. This is why Shinhung believes in GBT. The last blue ocean in dentistry is prophylaxis. In addition, those conventional clinics will have to turn their wheels to the prevention side in an effort to improve treatment results in implants, orthodontics and pediatrics.

In general, we usually visit dentists when we have pain and do not like the recall. GBT can change the mind of patient to enjoy regular visits. Thus, we believe that the prevention will be the future of the dentistry.