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EMS Presents: Dr. Emad Badran

The Al-Bader Al-Oula Medical Company has been servicing the Dental market in Kuwait since 1976 and is a well established name in the area, recognized and trusted by both the public and private sectors. Al-Bader supplies equipment and other medical materials to governing bodies such as the Ministry of Health, Kuwait University, Ministry of Defense, Kuwait Oil Company and almost every other private dental clinic in the territory. Dr. Emad Badran, the general manager of the company, has agreed to sit with us during the AEEDC in Dubai and answer a few questions.

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Can you please tell us a little bit about your history and the organization of the Al Bader Group?

Dr. Emad: The group is a private company owned by the Al-Bader family, one of the highly reputed families of Kuwait. 

The team at Al-Bader is headed by myself as the acting General Manager. I work with enthusiasm and the utmost expertise to facilitate the delivery of quality goods to the dentists in the country. Our Sales Team is comprised of an experienced and efficient sales force who follow the government and private markets. Our Maintenance Team includes both experienced and professional engineers & technicians who fulfill the government and private maintenance contracts.

We have a total of 25 employees in our team.

We focus on all the branches of dentistry which includes Prophylaxis, periodontics, orthodontics, prosthetics, dental lab materials, anesthetics, radiology, CAD-CAM and so on.

What challenges do you face in your country and how have you overcome them?

Dr. Emad: Our biggest challenge so far, as far as EMS is concerned, has been to make EMS one of the only built-in ultrasonic scalers in all the MOH (Ministry of Health) tenders for dental units. We’ve put in a lot of hard work to achieve this and we were successful in our efforts, and of course, with the support of EMS. This we achieved in 2012.

Is there any innovative promotion/ marketing activity related to EMS products in the past year that you were really happy with?

Dr. Emad: Yes, we were very happy with the promotion by EMS during the AEEDC in 2016, when EMS asked us to prepare a promotional offer during the event along with special EMS offers to be distributed at the EMS booth. I must say that It was very effective - most of our customers visit the AEEDC and this promotion was very beneficial to them, promoting our sales very effectively.    

How do you see the Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT)? How do you use it in your country and how is this concept supporting your daily business?

Dr. Emad: We see Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) as one of the supported tools in the market  because it adds, on a major scale a lot of knowledge, information and scientific data to the hygienists & dentists, which helps them to really understand the need behind prophylaxis. At the same time, it emphasizes that the goal of EMS’ products and philosophy is on the first level, to find solutions for both dentists and patients. It’s not only a commercial approach.  On the other hand, we have our SDA trainer here in Kuwait, Dr.Zeyad Al-Weher ,who is conducting trainings from time to time. In 2018 he conducted 5 SDA courses with a total of around 50 attendees (dentists and hygienists).  This year he conducted 3 courses with a total  of around 36 attendees.

We are also planning to invest more in the SDA because we believe that it will both, directly and indirectly, increase our business by spreading the awareness on prophylaxis & prevention and the advanced technology of EMS products.

How do you see the future of dentistry in your country over the next 3-5 years?

Dr. Emad: The future of dentistry seems to be very bright and promising. For example, in the MOH sector there are many big dental projects to be launched as well as in the private sector. This is because the Kuwaiti government has decided to invest more in the healthcare of its people. Regarding this, we are always keen to support them, along with our partners, with the latest technology and the most competitive products.

Dr. Emad Badran