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Welcome to our newsletter series on a revolution in professional management of biofilm on teeth, soft tissue, restorations and implants: Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT).

It was at the International Dental Show this year that we introduced the GBT to the public with great success.
At EMS, we are convinced that the GBT is a game changer in the world of preventive dentistry towards the goal of lifelong oral health.

With the GBT, our aim is to give clinicians the best possible prophylaxis in dentistry.

The GBT protocol focuses on patients and therefore increases their motivation to attend recall appointments and maintain their dental hygiene. GBT improves patient compliance and comfort. With GBT, dentists and patients experience tooth cleaning as a pleasant feeling of well-being. We call this “I feel good” with GBT.

In the coming weeks, we will be presenting the innovative and user-friendly technology behind the GBT. The new AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master is our ‘GBT guaranteed’ device. With a team of 20 engineers and technicians working to develop the device over a three year period and a cost of CHF11 million, the AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master delivers performance where it matters, combining the AIRFLOW® and PIEZON® ultrasonic scaling solutions for a gentle and minimally-invasive cleaning with reduced powder consumption.

Only the AIRFLOW® PLUS Powder, an erythritol based molecule with a particle size of 14 μm, is able to reliably remove sub- and supragingival biofilm.

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In our Swiss Dental Academy (SDA) courses, we will be explaining how the Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) improves both oral and systemic health.

Numerous studies have confirmed a link between periodontitis and other systemic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
On the basis of these findings, we strive to give patients lifelong oral health with our new biofilm therapy.

The GBT offers effective protocols for prevention in healthy children, adolescents and adults alike. The therapy is also ideally suited for high-risk groups such as diabetics and expecting mothers.

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The GBT is reflected by a clear eight-step solution: diagnosis, disclosure, motivation, AIRFLOW®, PERIOFLOW®, PIEZON®, control and recall. In our newsletters, we will carefully explain each of these steps so that non-GBT users can learn new ways to optimise prophylaxis in their practice. The most important principle in the Guided Biofilm Therapy is that both the practitioner and the patient are guided by the disclosed biofilm as much of it remains invisible to the naked eye.

In our newsletters, leading dentists and professors will explain how they apply the GBT protocol for biofilm-removal on teeth, soft tissues, implants and restorations. We will present cases from periodontics, implantology, endodontics, orthodontics and prophylaxis. We will show new solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of caries and periodontal disease. Your entire practice team will be able to learn new ways to keep teeth, implants and orthodontic appliances clean and healthy.

With GBT, we put the patient at the center of our mission to control and remove biofilm & calculus using gentle products in a manner that is painless and minimally-invasive.

In addition, the GBT is complemented with the perfect at-home solution thanks to our partnership with Philips in Germany. The Philips home care range, which includes Sonicare, offers additional home-care benefits for your patients. With GBT you can achieve a better prevention of caries and periodontal disease for your patients, with GBT, you feel good.

EMS has been a pioneer of modern prophylaxis and prevention since 1981. We invented the original AIRFLOW® and PIEZON® methods. Thank you for your interest and trust.

Bernd Bühner, Chairman und Founder of EMS Electro Medical Systems, Nyon
Paolo Zanetti, General Manager of EMS Electro Medical Systems, Nyon