We feel very honored and excited to be newly affiliated with the ICD!

2017 is already a year of highlights and achievements for EMS and we thank the dental community for their full support. For more than 35 years, the mission of EMS is to support dental professionals to save the natural teeth and implants of their patients.

How do we achieve this mission? By being experts in removing biofilm with our scientifically proven methods and breakthrough products.


How did EMS become leader in dental prevention? For years scientific evidence has proven the superiority of piezo-ceramic power scaling over hand instruments in terms of time efficiencies and patient acceptance. Today, we also have the scientific evidence to support the advantage of AIRFLOW® over piezo-ceramic scaling in regards to time efficiency and patient comfort. In addition, we know that AIRFLOW® PLUS powder is not only less abrasive than polishing pastes and rubber cups on dental tissues, implants and restorations, but that it also offers better access to critical dental areas.
These key clinical solutions have contributed to making EMS a global leader in dental prophylaxis.


The turning point was the moment we realized that EMS technologies (e.g. AIRFLOW®) were not only a “replacement” for conventional tools (e.g. rubber cups), but that these new tools offered the opportunity to develop a new protocol for controlling biofilm and calculus. As the world leader in dental prevention, we were in the best position to invest millions of Euros into defining PMPR Professional Mechanical Plaque Removal. We believed in it, and we achieved it.
The protocol has been fine-tuned and proven: 5 years of intensive work, many congresses and symposiums around the world and supported many clinical studies in the most advanced laboratories using Random Controlled Trials (RCT). The end result: the Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT).
GBT is unique in its sequence: AIRFLOW® first, followed by PERIOFLOW® and PIEZON®. Traditionally the sequence was the opposite – PIEZON® first, followed by AIRFLOW®. The protocol begins with the use of a disclosing agent. It guides the clinician to see biofilm normally not visible to the naked eye and to demonstrate biofilm presence to the patient.
GBT is most distinctive due to the end results that it achieves: It’s minimally invasive, offers maximum comfort for both patients and clinicians, it’s easy to follow and time efficient.


At the IDS 2017, we presented the updated release of GBT as well as our new device to complement GBT, the AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master.
The time has now come to share our know-how and to encourage dental professionals to join the GBT revolution. Each year, we educate thousands of clinicians thanks to our Swiss Dental Academy and receive positive reviews on how we have helped them integrate GBT into their practice protocols.
All members of the ICD adhere to the motto “Recognize Service and the Opportunity to Serve”. This is a great adage and we are privileged to realize this motto together.

June 2nd, 2017                                                                                                                            
Bernd Bühner 
Paolo Zanetti General Manager