First GBT Congress in Japan

Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan: EMS presented the new Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) at the inaugural GBT Congress in Japan. The summit, which took place on Sunday 9th of July, provided a stage where dental professionals could discuss Biofilm management, its main causes and the clinically effective ways of removing it. In fact, it was with this question in mind that professors from across Japan flocked to the Rising Sun capital to speak about the most avant-garde treatments. The most notable ‘Game Changer’: the Guided Biofilm Therapy. Indeed, a new ‘Golden Standard’ has been created in the field of prevention.

GBT launch 1

The GBT, which is a 8-step protocol, ensures a high standard in Biofilm removal on both the sub-gingival and supra-gingival areas. With the use of high technology low-abrasion powders (erythritol), Airflow & Piezon-scaling solutions, the GBT aims to bring a faster and painless treatment to all patient profiles: Be it children, sensitive patients, orthodontic brackets, recall or pre-surgery prophylaxis the Guided Biofilm Therapy offers a complete solution.

GBT launch people

Nonetheless this was only one of the highlights of the conference. With guest speakers like Prof. Magda Mensi, Dr. Neha Dixit, Dr. Yasuko Takeuchi, Dr. Ryuji Kawai and Dr. Sachiko Yamaguchi the stage was set for a course on pathogenic Biofilm, the history of Biofilm removal and the challenges of clinical cases. With a total of 5 speakers from across the world a variety of topics were treated, including handpiece technique and literature aalysis.

neha japan

With over 300 dental professionals in attendance and the participation of EMS, Philips and Shofu a great evening was prepared for the discussion of not only home-care (PHILIPS) and professional tooth cleaning solutions (EMS), but also supportive periodontal therapy (SPT) and the non-surgical approach to peri-implantitis.

Being historically one of the first congresses of its kind only emphasized the importance of high-quality prophylaxis. The effective removal of Biofilm is paramount to long-term periodontal & oral health. Indeed, dental care and oral hygiene has never been as important as it is today, which is why protocols are so vital. They give us a high-standard homogenous solution for every patient. One thing we can certainly take from the first Guided Biofilm Therapy Congress in Japan is the GBT, or in other words ‘Get Better Treatment’. Try it, Patients love it!