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Cologne, The world’s most important dental fair, IDS, took place last March hosting over 2,300 exhibitors and over 155,000 dental professionals from over 150 countries. EMS were excited to reveal their latest ‘Guided Biofilm Therapy’ update and their new
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The new release of GBT was brought to life in a comprehensive 20 page brochure and was launched alongside EMS’ new slogan “Make me Smile”. This new slogan reflected the reaction of all those who were present. EMS always puts dental professionals and their patients at the centre of what they do. With GBT, EMS can act as a clinician’s lifelong partner, helping them to restore their patients’ oral health and wellbeing in a safe, more efficient, convenient and cost-effective way. GBT also allows EMS to strengthen its top position as the world’s No.1 prophylaxis provider!

Prophylaxis ‘tour de force’

IDS 16:9

IDS was the launching pad for EMS’ new prophylaxis tour de force, the AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master. The AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master is the perfect enabler for GBT offering improved ergonomics, high precision, simple maintenance, reduced powder consumption and the latest hygiene standards. The response was extremely positive from dealers, customers and prospective customers. EMS are looking forward to seeing what the next few months will bring as the device is unveiled globally.

Education is key

IDS 2017 SDA

The Swiss Dental Academy (SDA) is the elite training institution by which EMS are educating customers on how to perform GBT through in-depth clinical and practical training. The SDA team did not fail to impress at IDS. They were always at the ready to offer hands-on sessions and live treatments to ensure interested dental professionals could experience the GBT ‘wow’ factor and become GBT ‘game changers’.

The new power couple


There’s a new power couple in town – EMS and Philips. At IDS, Mr Bühner announced EMS’ new partnership with Philips indicating that it was “…about time to link the two fields of professional care and home care together, with market-leading products”. Thanks to this new partnership, EMS can now complement GBT with the perfect at-home solution, Philips home care. It is during the motivation step of the GBT protocol that clinicians must appropriately motivate their patients to improve their oral hygiene and it is here that EMS recommends Philips Sonicare. This new partnership with Philips demonstrates EMS’ commitment to dental professionals to achieve better long-term care for patients, leading to longer, healthier lives. IDS is the perfect platform for EMS to launch new solutions and products on a worldwide scale. Already GBT has a fast growing network of dental professionals and patients thanks to last year’s GBT congress and IDS. It’s time to shape the future of dental maintenance and oral hygiene –together let’s start a GBT revolution!

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