piezon blue 16 x 9

5 reasons to use the PS instrument

1. One Instrument for 95 % of all cases



  • Primary and permanent teeth
  • Best interproximal access
  • Crowded teeth
  • Exposed dentine


  • Sulcular deposits
  • Preserves the epithelium
  • Pockets up to 10mm


  • Around orthodontic brackets

2. NO PAIN* - Patients love it

A  pleasant treatment is the dream of every patient. The treatment with the PS Instrument is NO PAIN*. The PS Instrument is gum-friendly, minimally invasive, maximally preventive and preserves the epithelium due to its absolute linear movement.

The combination of PS Instrument, PIEZON® Handpiece and PIEZON® NO Pain electronic module guarantees precise linear oscillations which means no damage to tooth surfaces as well as soft tissues. 

* when used in accordance with EMS instructions and/or training by the Swiss Dental Academy.

3. Slim like a periodontal probe

The PS instrument has the best periodontal accessibility (like a periodontal probe). The PS Instrument provides maximal accessibility - interproximally and subgingivally – with a good haptic and secure feeling when working subgingivally. 

Less power and hand instrument. 

4. Swiss original from the inventor

The PS Instrument is Swiss Made. More than 200 000 hours have been spent on technical and clinical tests. 17 clinical studies guarantee safety, efficiency and comfort in various clinical situations. 

PS Instrument is minimally invasive and maximally preventive. 

5. A few cents per treatment

Investing in Swiss quality becomes obvious considering the fact that each PS Instrument lasts more than 500 treatments reducing the cost to a few cents per patient.