Gilbert D.,70 años,procedente de Sion, y su experiencia con la GBT
gilbert gbt

Gilbert D. was diagnosed with cancer in September 2018. From January 2019 he was receiving a cycle of 12 chemotherapies. During the treatments it was not possible to receive professional dental hygiene because of the high infection risk. In between a sequence of treatments his oncologist gave consent for him to receive Guided Biofilm Therapy. GBT is a modern and minimal invasive professional dental hygiene treatment which follows an evidence-based protocol. 

"Très doux", very gentle, Gilbert expressed his feelings after the GBT treatment

The aim during dental treatment for these patients is to be as gentle as possible, using technology which is minimally invasive avoiding any damage to their soft and hard tissues. His dentist commented during the first step – 01 Assess - of GBT treatment, “To my surprise, Gilberts oral health is spectacular. No bleeding on probing, gingiva looks healthy and resilient.” The patient was extremely grateful and happy as this type of cleaning was never done before.

Background information

Gilbert D. was diagnosed with terminal cancer 9 month ago. He is one of the most prestigious beekeeper and queens breeder from Switzerland.

In addition to chemotherapy Gilbert has radically changed his life style, including strong intermittent fasting with reconsideration of all food and drinks, dental application of green propolis from Brazil as well as spiritual support from his family.

Today, Gilbert D. is still with us, weakened but in relatively good health with more than 90% cancer reduction.

The 70-year-old remembers other times when he went to his dentist at the age of five. At that time, belts were sewn to the armrests of the dental chair so that the patient could not escape from the dentist.

Fortunately, times have changed and we also benefit from progress in professional dental hygiene, which can nowadays be enjoyable, and to Gilbert D. “très doux.”