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Much has been said about the Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) and its concept of preventive care. Being one of the main branches of dentistry, prevention is strictly intertwined with prophylaxis and goes hand-in-hand with an effective, high-level oral hygiene. This approach is based on the fact that it’s better to prevent diseases than to cure them - prevention is always the best therapy!
It was with this philosophy in mind that Prof. Moran and Prof. Frizzo at the University of Sydney and co-owners of the Islington Dental clinic in NSW Australia adopted the AIRFLOW method. They have been early apostles of the new “team care” approach and have literally revolutionized their dental practice with a high-quality GBT division: “The new approach is for a patient to first see an oral hygienist and then the dentist,” Dr Moran said, “We invested a lot of time and effort in choosing the best equipment and recruiting the right hygienists”.


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In 2012, Prof. Moran decided that it was time for them to integrate a high-quality oral hygiene department, realizing that it was an essential part of a modern-day dental practice. They have since moved from five dentists and zero hygienists to four dentists and four hygienists with another one joining in the near future and the results: “the improvements we are seeking in our patients’ oral health have been amazing, and the patients themselves are much happier, so it has been worth it.
When asked how he manages biofilm with the AIRFLOW  method, Prof. Moran explained that “It works like a pressure cleaner, spraying a combination of air, water and powder which thoroughly removes plaque off the teeth. Advances in dental knowledge have revealed (that) teeth are covered in a biofilm, made up of thousands of layers of bacteria. The AIRFLOW ® unit breaks down the biofilm in a way previously unachievable  to get to the nastier bacteria beneath, which are so often the cause of disease. The only way to get this level of cleaning done is professionally