What GBT means for me

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GBT has changed not just my work procedures, but also me personally. I have been a dental hygienist for 18 years and also work as a dental coach at the Swiss Dental Academy. In my seminars, I place importance on individual prophylactic treatment concepts. I do not concentrate solely on removing calculus, but also on biofilm. After all, it should be the task of the team at the dental surgery to offer optimum, personalised prophylactic treatment for lifelong oral health. At the surgery, we should apply an individual concept that combines the latest findings with a better quality of life for the patient and greater earnings for the dentist. For me, this concept is GBT. Since I learnt about GBT, my work tray has undergone a radical change. I need fewer instruments, but use the ones I have far more effectively. I too have changed. From being a cheerful sort of person anyway, I have now become even happier. I enjoy my work more and see how patients are willing to come back. After all, they have just received gentle treatment, as well as had an informative discussion about personal oral hygiene with me. I see how happy patients feel, and how happy I feel as well.


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We should ask ourselves every day: What is the efficacy and benefit of each method? What is the effect of cleaning? What are the clinical parameters like? How much time can I take? What safety does the method offer me with hard- and soft-tissue and restoratives? What level of comfort can I offer patients? How do I guarantee the health of my patients? Hand instruments and conventional polishing do not provide satisfactory solutions, but GBT is already able to do so.

GBT is a scientific concept for success at every dental surgery, offering intelligent guidance for every clinician. GBT is not only a safe and reliable procedure that smooths your path toward success, it also ensures even better treatment and dental prophylaxis results. I recommend that your entire team at the surgery try out GBT once—you will be delighted with it.