The gentle AIRFLOW® & PERIOFLOW® treatment provides a fast and pleasant biofilm removal, eliminating stains and partially-mineralized deposits in both sub and supra-gingival areas. Together with the PIEZON® NO PAIN technology and its dynamic power response, the AIRFLOW® Master Piezon is able to provide a minimally- invasive treatment for calculus & mineralized deposits – all in one device.


Multi-functional & flexible: The AIRFLOW® Master Piezon combines the three Original AIRFLOW®, PERIOFLOW® and PIEZON® technologies for a complete Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT). Thanks to its adjustable power & irrigation system and its multi-functional pedal, the AIRFLOW® Master Piezon provides an intelligent and interactive unit for predictable clinical outcomes.The unit also has a built-in purge system that cleans and flushes fluid lines for greater oral hygiene together with an integrated heating technology that keeps the water temperature at 37°C.


The Original AIRFLOW® treatment is pleasant for both dental professionals and patients, being actually faster and more efficient than hand instrumentation and rubber cups so your patients can enjoy a quiet and stress-free treatment.*
* When used correctly (according to SDA) and with the Original Swiss INSTRUMENT PS


1 ORIGINAL PIEZON® HANDPIECE WITH LED >Circular light emission for maximum visibility >Lightweight and ergonomic >Sterilizable up to 135º C
2 EMS SWISS INSTRUMENTS >Each with CombiTorque® for steady handling >Broad scope of application
3 PIEZON® NO PAIN TECHNOLOGY >Optimum instrument movements >Intelligent feedback control >Precise treatment results >Utmost patient comfort
4 LIQUID CONTAINER >Volume 350 ml or 500 ml >Easy to refill
5 DRY WORK CONTROL LED >Illuminates when used without liquid
6 DIFFERENT CHAMBERS FOR AIR-FLOW® POWDERS >Large capacity for many treatments >See-through and illuminated to visualize refill >Uniform powder flow, no clogging >Easy to remove, clean and refill
7 PERIO-FLOW® NOZZLE >Single-use nozzle, easy to install >3 nozzle outlets for air-powder mixture, horizontal >1 nozzle outlet for water, vertical
8 PERIO-FLOW® HANDPIECE >Subgingival use, down to deep periodontal pockets
9 HANDPIECE HOLDER >Magnetic, removable
10 HOSE >Removable from unit and handpiece
11 LIQUID >Easy control of flow amount
12 WORKING MODES “STANDARD” AND “PERIO” >Piezon® and AIR-FLOW® Methods – easy switching between the working modes (manual) >AIR-FLOW® Perio Method – switches automatically to Perio when using the powder chamber PERIO+PLUS
13 POWER >LED settings in 17 increments >Easy to set as clinically required
14 TOUCH PANEL >Fast and precise settings >Easy to clean, hygienic
15 AIR-FLOW® HANDPIECE >Supragingival use, also in subgingival border area >Standard 120º angle
16 FOOT CONTROL >4 functions for both methods >Includes power boos
CLEANING MODE “PURGE” >Button on the side of the unit >Cleans all hoses individually (AIR-FLOW® and / or Piezon®)


Airflow handpiece

AIRFLOW® Handpiece

Removes biofilm, stains and young calculus on natural teeth, restorations and implants. Cleans and polishes in one single procedure.

Piezon handpiece

PIEZON® LED Handpiece

After using AIRFLOW®, remove remaining supra and subgingival calculus with the PIEZON® NO PAIN PS instrument.

Perioflow handpiece

PERIOFLOW® Handpiece

PERIOFLOW® and the PLUS powder are indicated for:
Subgingival biofilm removal (debridement) in >4 to 9mm periodontal and peri-implant pockets - Initial and follow-up (SPT) periodontal therapy - Prevention of mucositis / peri-implantitis - Initial and follow-up treatment of mucositis/peri-implantitis.


Temperature Control
Heated water-irrigation system to 37.5°C, bringing body-temperature to water outlet
Two Modalities
Easy switch over between standard and Perio mode, providing great safety and efficiency in both sub and supragingival treatments
Numerous Clinical Treatments
Multiple treatment options thanks to the PIEZON®, PERIOFLOW® and AIRFLOW® solutions
New PIEZON® NO PAIN technology, with built-in dynamic power-response feature. Constantly adapting power output to the applied force, bringing a minimally-invasive treatment and maximum patient comfort.