airflow in hand transparent new

The AIRFLOW handpiece is the state-of-the-art technology when it comes to oral hygiene and dental prophylaxis. Thanks to the use of medical grade materials and its thermo disinfectable resistance, the new generation of handpieces are geared towards premium quality and high durability. With a powder jet reaching more than 400 km/h, the AIRFLOW handpiece provides an effective kinetic energy whilst keeping a uniform spray pattern for predictable treatment outcomes. For maximum efficiency and minimal aerosol dispersion, water and powder meet upon impact with the tooth. The AIRFLOW handpiece separates the air and water channels giving the opportunity to regulate water and powder flow with high precision. With its sleek lightweight design the AIRFLOW handpiece provide users with a comfortable pen-like grip for great dexterity and an easy access in hard-to-reach areas. As EMS’ dedication to innovation and service continues to grow, a new revolution is just around the corner.


  • 120° angulation with thin handpiece nozzle for better visibility and accessibility
  • Medical grade resin body for high durability
  • Thermo-disinfectable and clinically sterilizable
  • Sleek design for greater dexterity
  • Clog free
  • Lightweight and well-balanced body to reduce hand fatigue
  • Improved ergonomics with pen-style grip
  • High-quality powder flow
  • Uniform spray pattern
  • Drop free system upon deactivation
  • Ideal for long working-hours
  • Stress-free and comfortable for the patient (no curettes – no noise!)
  • Gentle application of kinetic energy
  • No scratching of the tooth surface