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With the vision to preserve the natural tooth for a lifetime, we place our focus on individual oral health with the Guided Biofilm Therapy. The GBT protocol consists of 8 consecutive treatment steps (Assess, Disclose, Motivate, AIRFLOW® , PERIOFLOW® , PIEZON® PS , Check, Recall) based on individual patient diagnosis and risk assessment to achieve optimal results for the well-being of the patient. GBT is performed in the least invasive and painless way with maximum comfort, safety and efficiency.

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How do you perform professional teeth cleaning today?

- Do you make biofilm visible?
- Are you still using hand instruments?
- Are you still polishing with rubber cups and abrasive pastes?!
- Are the teeth only smooth or also pore deep clean after polishing?!
- Are the critical zones: interdental, subgingival, fissures entirely free from biofilm?
- Are your patients happy after the treatment?
- Are they happy during (!) the treatment?
- Do they enjoy coming back for recall appointments?
- Also the children?
- Do your patients recommend your practice?
- Or do you not offer professional tooth cleaning because it does not pay off financially?

Please visit us to test and see the difference for yourself... Book a live treatment on our GBT booth and receive a Guided Biofilm Therapy treatment by one of our experienced SDA trainers.