Nyon, Periodontitis is a major global public health challenge, with some studies estimating that over 50% of the European population are suffering to some extent (Patel, 2012). It is however entirely preventable. According to the European Federation of Periodontology “EFP”, the key to preserving natural teeth and implants for longer is through a combination of professional care and good oral care practices at home to manage biofilm.

At the 2017 International Dental Show “IDS” in Cologne, Germany, Mr Bernd Bühner, Chairman of EMS Electro Medical Systems S.A, “EMS” announced a new partnership with Philips Oral Healthcare “Philips” to harmonize their concepts of professional care and home care for the good of patients and clinicians alike. Mr Bühner indicated that it was “…about time to link the two fields of professional care and home care together, with market-leading products”.

Guided Biofilm Therapy (“GBT”) is a detailed clinical protocol giving clinicians the skills, motivation, education and products to increase patient recall and compliance. The protocol was adapted in march this year to identify the clear processes for professional care and home care. Thanks to this new partnership, EMS can now complement GBT with the perfect at-home solution, Philips Home Care.

GBT comprises a clear eight-step solution which features the following steps: diagnosis, disclosure, motivation, AIRFLOW®, PERIOFLOW®, PIEZON®, control and recall. It begins with the use of a disclosing agent to guide clinicians to see biofilm (normally not visible to the naked eye) and to demonstrate biofilm presence to the patient. It is here that the patient is appropriately motivated to improve their oral hygiene by regularly brushing and flossing, between appointments at home with the Philips Home Care range.

The Philips Home Care range, which includes sonic powered toothbrushes and interdental cleaning products, offers patients superior cleaning action. This is due to its high-amplitude and high-frequency speeds and minimally invasive efficiency. To view the complete Philips Home Care range please visit www.philips.ch

The welfare of patients is at the center of EMS’ mission to fight biofilm in the least invasive way possible and this new partnership with Philips will help EMS achieve this mission.

Join the GBT revolution today! Learn how your practice can become a GBT clinic. Send an email to welcome@ems-ch.com with your details and a local sales representative will contact you.