1. For what can I use the EMS Connect app?

EMS Connect is a free app that was created as a one-stop shop for clinicians to register and manage their EMS products through their mobile devices.

From the app, a clinician can find spare parts for their devices, get in touch with EMS Customer Service for support, learn more about their products and stay up-to-date with the latest developments, training events and news at EMS.

2. How can I register my EMS Product?

Registration of a product is as easy as taking a photo with your phone. Just open the scanner inside EMS Connect and point your camera at the data matrix code that is printed on your device.

If you have an older device that does not feature a data matrix code, you can input the serial number of the device manually within the scanner.

Please consult the following page to see where the data matrix codes are located on products manufactured by EMS: data matrix codes

3. What is the advantage of registering my EMS products?

When registering an AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master or an AIRFLOW® One device, you will receive an additional 1-year extension on the guarantee.

Upon registration of your EMS products, the app will notify you when a yearly maintenance for a device is due and you will be able to schedule an appointment with just a few clicks.

You require support for your registered device? Send us a support request from inside the app and our technical service team will have all the relevant information to tend to your request right away. And if your request is urgent, then just give us a call directly from the app.

In addition, you will have all the relevant IFUs and video tutorials right at your fingertips.

4. I already have an account on the EMS website, do I need to create a new account for EMS Connect?

If you already have an account, then you don’t need to create a new account for EMS Connect. Just login with your existing EMS credentials and you are good to go. Upon your first login all your registered devices on the website will become visible in the app, allowing you to manage your EMS products on the go from your phone.

5. I have multiple dental practices and I’m using different EMS products in each one of them, can I register products for multiple practices or do I need to create multiple accounts in EMS Connect?

It is enough to have only one single EMS Connect account to register as many dental practices as you need. On your profile page you can easily add additional practices and upon registration of a device you will be prompted to specify to which practice the device should be added.

6. On which devices can I use EMS Connect?

EMS Connect is currently fully compatible and functional with both Android and Apple iPhone devices. Please visit the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to download the latest version of the app.

We are constantly improving our application and are striving to have it available for other devices, including tablets in the near future.

7. What about my personal data, how does the app handle my information?

Data privacy is very important at EMS, that is why we only gather anonymized information about the usage of the app to optimize and improve the user experience, and this information is not shared with any third parties. The app does not gather any information that is stored on your phone, nor your location information.

8. Who do I contact if the app is malfunctioning?

If you experience any technical problems with the app, please contact us at info@ems-ch.com.

9. Can I buy products directly from the app?

EMS Connect is not a shopping application and it is not possible to buy products directly from the app. If you are interested in acquiring a product, please contact your dealer.

10. I would like to learn more about GBT, is it possible to do so through the app?

You can learn more about our GBT protocol through the app by visiting the GBT page and you can search for and register for our SDA courses to become GBT certified.