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As market leaders in Professional Prophylaxis and Prevention and a pioneer in modern biofilm management, we are dedicated to being at the forefront of science and innovation. Prevention is our vision for the dentist of tomorrow where non-surgical treatments and minimal invasive therapies are the main approach.
Working in close collaboration with leading clinics, universities, research institutes and opinion leaders we are continuing to pursue a leading role in research and scientific evidence. We have made it our priority to deliver clinicians with the latest scientific evidence and the most advanced technology to attain our ultimate goal of prevention with the Guided Biofilm Therapy.

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Search the Scientific library by technology, clinical area and material to find Abstracts, Systematic reviews, full studies, in vitro studies, in vivo studies, summaries and brochures related to modern biofilm management.

Search by either:

  • Using one of the three filters on their own

E.g. Choose ‘IMPLANTOLOGY’ from the clinical area filter to find literature on implantology.

  • Using multiple filters to narrow down your search criteria

E.g. Choose ‘AIRFLOW’ from the technology filter, ‘ORTHODONTICS’ from the clinical area filter and ‘PLUS POWDER’ from the materials filter to find literature with the 3 criteria.

  • Using the search tool manually

E.g. Directly enter the name of a study, author, journal…

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