Bye Bye biofilm

Sub- and supragingival with the new AIR-FLOW POWDER PLUS and AIR-FLOW

AIR-FLOW ® POWDER PLUS reaches and removes biofilm in the critical areas at the gum line and in spaces in tooth gaps and in places where a conventional polish is not possible at all.



Air-Flow® supragingivally

Above the enamel-cement border




Gum pocket depth
<4 mm




Gum pocket depth
> 4 mm




Prevents Peri-implantitis

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Do not use a conventional polishing. To prevent damage to the teeth of your patients:

Direct Comparison of rubber cup with polishing paste and the AIR-FLOW POWDER PLUS

The electron1 proves it: prophylaxis is not equal prophylaxis

Since then AIR-FLOW is on the market, it is claimed that this method attacks the tooth structure. The following figures disprove this claim.

Natural enamel prisms

Natural enamel with biofilm remains2

  • The enamel prisms of natural enamel are easily recognizable
  • The photo shows the remains of the killed bacteria with sodium hypochlorite

Enamel prisms

Enamel after cleaning with AIR PLUS FLOW®PULVER

  • The biofilm was completely removed with AIR PLUS FLOW®PULVER
  • No abrasion, the natural enamel prisms remain intact
  • The 200x magnification showing the natural texture and smoothness of clean enamel; for the tongue rough patches are noticeable, another polish (abrasive polishing) is not required - and that saves time

The loss of the enamel prisms

Enamel after polishing with a little abrasive polishing paste

  • The vital enamel prisms were polished away irretrievably
  • Pastes have caused scratches
  • The biofilm was distributed in natural fractures
  • Overall, this means that the use of abrasive polishing pastes leads to loss of valuable melting

1By cleaning the lab visualized; purified stored in 2% sodium hypochlorite and then for 10 minutes in an ultrasonic bath with 12% sodium hypochlorite 2 months
2SEM images A, B, C: (SE, 5 kV, 2000x, Philips XL-30 SFEG, CIME - EPFL Lausanne); Sara Camboni, EPFL; Dr. Marcel Donnet, EMS; Publication in preparation

It is a bitter reality: caries and periodontitis are caused biofilm

EuroPerio8, London - A great success for the GUIDED THERAPY BIOFILM


Electro Medical Systems EMS set with the GUIDED THERAPY BIOFILM before the new gold standard of a holistic prevention approach.


More than 10,000 participants have focused on the EuroPerio 8 visited, the most important international conference for dentists and dental technicians. As Diamond Sponsor EMS supported two lectures essential that laid the emphasis on biofilm as the main cause of oral diseases. They also discussed the management of peri / mucositis. More than 600 dentists and hygienists attended our lectures with Karen Davis and Professor Jean-Francois Roulet, who explained the practical and clinical side of biofilm management using the methods AIR-FLOW and PIEZON® NO PAIN.

Caries and periodontal disease are preventable diseases. Every dentist and dental hygienists can offer GUIDED THERAPY BIOFILM and so improve the success of his practice.
Professor Jean-Francois Roulet

The Swiss Dental Academy (SDA)

The SDA trains dentists in GUIDED BIOFILM THERAPY, the new gold standard in modern preventive dentistry. The SWISS DENTAL ACADEMY offers a unique combination of theory and practice, which is easy to use in their daily work. These new methods increase the satisfaction of patients, the alpha and omega for a modern and successful dental practice.


The future of modern prophylaxis: Guided Therapy biofilm

The treatment with a very low abrasive AIR-FLOW® powder - based on glycine and erythritol - is suitable because of their particularly gentle cleaning action for the sub- and supragingival use. The effectiveness of GUIDED BIOFILM THERAPY has been demonstrated and documented in several scientific studies, two consensus conferences and hundreds of monitoring reports from the dentist's office. It represents a paradigm shift in the professional prophylaxis.

The GUIDED THERAPY BIOFILM always starts with the AIR-FLOW® treatments that provide the following benefits:

  • Maximum comfort for the patient
  • Improved visibility for the detection of tartar
  • Reduced labor for the dentist because of the use of ultrasound can be avoided
  • Conserving "Magic Minutes" by reduced treatment time results in more time for additional services for the patient

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